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Bulk Candy Unwrapped, 2 to 10 lbs

For the best selection of all of your favorite cheap bulk candy, Candy Crate is your only online destination. We carry a huge collection of cheap bulk candy by color, as well as other unwrapped penny candies, making for perfect around the house snacking collections, easy DIY created goodie bags, and more. This includes one of the latest and hottest trends, the cheap candy buffet! Take a look around and find the perfect cheap bulk candy to match your needs, and your tastes!


Aquarium Candy Fish 5LB

Awesome Blossoms Flower Gummies - 5LB

Baby Pacifiers Candy 5LB

Banana Candy 5LB

Baby Love Candy Hearts - 5LB

Black Magic Balls Licorice Jawbreakers 5LB (coming soon)

Bleeps Tangy Candy 5LB

BONZ Dog Bone Candy 5LB

Bloody Bones Candy 5LB - 2250 PCS

White Bones Hard Bulk Candy - 5LB

Cosmic Rocks Candy - 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Blue Raspberry 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Orange 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Pink Cherry 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Green Watermelon 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Grape Purple 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Lemon Yellow 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Light Blue Cotton Candy 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Lime Green 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - Red Strawberry 5LB

Rock Candy Strings - White 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - White 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - Purple Grape 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - Lime Green 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - Pink Cherry 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - Blue Raspberry 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - Cotton Candy 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - Red Strawberry 5LB

Rock Candy Crystals - Lemon Yellow 5LB

Boston Baked Beans 5LB

Candy Blox Bulk 5LB

Red JuJu Coins 5LB

Candy Corn 5LB (coming soon)

Caramel Loaf 5lb (coming soon)

ChocoRocks Chocolate Candy Rocks 5LB

ChocoRocks Chocolate Coal Candy 5LB (coming soon)

ChocoRocks Chocolate Coal Candy Boulders 5LB

Chocolate Stars - Brach's Solid Milk Chocolate Stars 12oz

Chocolate Stars 5LB (sold out)

Chewy Spree Candy 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Assorted Fruit Flavors 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Cherry 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Wild Blueberry 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Grape 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Orange 5 LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Lemon 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Apple 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Pina Colada 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Pink Watermelon 5LB (sold out)

Christmas Jelly Bells 5LB (Sold Out)

Cinnamon Bears 5LB

Flower Power Candies 5LB

Cinnamon Hot Ball Jawbreakers 5LB - 425 PCS (discontinued)

Red Cinnamon Imperials 5LB

CLASSIC Conversation Hearts 5LB

Cry Baby Tears Sour Bulk Hard Candy - 5LB

Double Lollies - Unwrapped 5LB

Ding Bats Black & Orange Bats 5LB

Orange Slices Unwrapped 5LB

Assorted Fruit Gummy Worms 5LB

Gummi Bananas - 4.4LB

Easter Jelly Rabbits 5LB (Discontinued)

Gumdrops Assorted 5LB

Gummi Bears - Rockin Red Raspberry 5LB

Gummi Bears - Purple Grape 5LB

Gummi Bears - Granny Smith Green Apple 5LB

Gummi Bears - Grapefruit 5LB

Gummi Bears - Ornery Orange 5LB (Discontinued)

Gummi Bears - Black Cherry 5LB

Gummi Bears - White Strawberry-Banana 5LB

Gummi Bears - Passionate Peach 5LB

Gummi Bears - Beary Blue Raspberry 5LB

Gummi Bears - Ripe Watermelon 5LB

Gummi Bears - Clear Gold Poppin Pineapple 5LB

Gummi Bears - Mighty Mango 5LB

Gummy Bears - Sugar Free Assorted Wild Fruit - 5LB

Butterfly Gummies 5LB

Mini Gummi Butterflies - Assorted Wild Fruit 5LB

Gummy Green Army Guys 5LB

Gummi Chicken Feet - 4.4LB

Gummi Crocodiles - 4.4LB

Gummi Jalapenos - 2.2LB (Discontinued)

Gummi Jelly Twists - 4.4LB (sold out)

Gummy Black Mustaches - 6.6LB

Gummy Rings - Apple 4.5LB

Gummy Rings - Blue Raspberry 4.5LB

Gummy Rings - Cherry 4.5LB

Gummy Rings - Peach 4.5LB

Gummy Rings - Watermelon 4.5LB

Gummy Rings - Strawberry Banana 4.5LB (sold out)

Gummy Rings - Sugar Free - Peach 4.5LB

Gummi Gold Bears 5LB

Gummi Bears Sugar Free 5LB (Discontinued)

Gummi Sharks ASSORTED 4.4LB

Gummi Triple Sour Bears - 4.4LB

Gummi Swirly Fish - 4.4LB

Gummi Sour Pacifiers - 4.4LB (discontinued)

Gummi Strawberries - 2.2LB (discontinued)

Pufflettes Gummi Strawberry and Cream Drops - 4.4LB

Gummi Strawberries with Cream - 4.4LB

Pufflettes Blue Raspberry Gummi Drops - 2.2LB

Pufflettes Grape Gummi Drops - 2.2LB

Pufflettes Green Apple Gummi Drops - 2.2LB

Gummi Strawberry Bricks - 4.4LB (sold out)

Gummi Teeth - 4.4LB (sold out)

Gummi Assorted Triple Hearts - 4.4LB

Gummi Tropical Frogs - 2.2LB

Gummy Turtles - 2.2LB (sold out)

Gummi Raspberries & Blackberries 5LB

Gummy Sharks BLUE 5LB

Gummi Watermelon Slices - 4.4LB

Gummi Whales - 2.2LB (sold out)

Centipede Gummies 5LB (Discontinued)

Happy Cola Gummy Candy Bottles 5LB

Twin Cherries Gummy 5LB

Cherry Sour Gummies 5LB (discontinued)

Green Gummi Frogs 4.4LB

Peachy Black & White Penguins 6.6lb

Peach Gummies 5LB

Gummy Spiders 2.2LB (sold out)

Gummy Red Raspberries 5LB

Gustaf's Wine Gums 2.2LB

Baseball Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB (Discontinued)

Gumballs Baseball 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB (Discontinued)

Berry Blast Bulk Speckled Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Black Cherry Dubble Bubble Bulk 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB (discontinued)

Cotton Candy Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Assorted 8 Flavor Bulk Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB (coming soon)

Purple Bulk 1-Inch Gumballs Large 2LB

Orange 1-Inch Bulk Gumballs Large 2LB

White Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB (coming soon)

Blue Bulk Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Shimmer White Bulk Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Red Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Green Bulk Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Pink Bulk Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Yellow Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Black Bulk Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Purple Grape Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Green Apple Bulk Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Green Watermelon Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Gold Bulk Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Silver Gumballs 1-Inch Large 2LB

Gumballs Assorted 1/2-Inch 5LB (sold out)

Bulk Gumballs Assorted 1-Inch Large 5LB (sold out)

Hot Chew Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs 1/2" - 5LB Bulk Bag

Dubble Bubble Chiclets Bubble Gum 5LB

Pink Original Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Pink Chiclets Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum 5LB

Pink Lemonade Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Sugar Free Gum Balls 5LB (sold out)

Haribo Gummi Dinosaurs Candy - 5LB

Cherry Candy Hearts 5LB

Happy Hearts White Mint Heart Shaped Candy 5LB

Red Cinnamon Hearts 5LB


Ice Cream Cone Candy 5LB

Ice Cream Cone Gummy Candy - 5LB

Jelly Fruit Slices Unwrapped - Blue Raspberry - 5LB - 150 PCS

Jelly Fruit Slices Unwrapped - Orange 5LB- 150 PCS

Jelly Fruit Slices Unwrapped - Lime 5LB - 150 PCS

Jelly Fruit Slices Unwrapped - Lemon 5LB - 150 PCS

Jelly Fruit Slices Unwrapped - Cherry 5LB - 150 PCS

Jelly Fruit Slices Unwrapped - Watermelon 5LB - 150 PCS

Jelly Fruit Slices Unwrapped - Grape 5LB- 150 PCS

Mini White Speckled Jawbreakers 5LB - 8500 PCS

Jawbreakers Stick Candy 5LB

Jawbreakers 1-Inch Assorted Speckled Candy 5LB

Assorted Jelly Beans 5lb

Jelly Beans Black 5LB

Jelly Beans Assorted 5LB

Jelly Beans by Just Born 4.5LB (coming soon)

Tiny Jelly Beans 5LB (sold out)

Jelly Belly Individual Flavors 10 LB

Jelly Belly 49 Assorted Flavors 10LB

Jelly Belly Tropical Mix 10LB

Jelly Belly Fruit Bowl Flavors 10LB

Jelly Beans Speckled 5LB (Discontinued)

Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Assorted 5LB

Jordan Almonds - White 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Pastel Green 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Pastel Lavender 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Pastel Pink 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Pastel Blue 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Orange 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Hot Pink 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Red 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Purple 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Yellow 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Black 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Silver 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Black & Gold 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Black & Silver 5LB

Jordan Almonds - Navy Blue 5LB

Licorice Juju Bears 5LB (discontinued)

Gustaf's Black Licorice Laces 2LB

Gustaf's Strawberry Licorice Laces 2LB

Lucky Duckies Candy 5LB

Broadway Black Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB

Broadway Strawberry Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB

Dutch Sea Salt Licorice 1.65LB

Finnska Soft Licorice 8.8LB

Gustaf's Platinum Select Sweet Licorice 2.2lb

Gustaf's Platinum Select Touch Of Italy Licorice 2.2lb

Licorice Allsorts Bulk 6.6LB

Licorice Ice 6.6LB

Licorice Pastilles - 5LB

Licorice Scottie Dogs - BLACK 5LB

Licorice Scottie Dogs - RED 5LB

Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB

Gustaf's Licorice Cats (Limburgse Katjes) 2.2LB

Gustaf's Soft Licorice Drops From Holland 2.2LB

Gustaf's Sugar Free Licorice Bears 2.2LB

Sugar Free Gustaf's Licorice Coins 2.2LB (discontinued)

Sugar Free Gustaf's Licorice Drops 2.2LB (discontinued)

Love Hearts Candy Mix - 5LB

Fiesta Mexican Hats Candy 5LB

Mike & Ike Original Fruits 4.5LB

Richardson White After Dinner Mints 5LB

Richardson After Dinner Pastel Mints - Assorted 5LB

Pucker Power Sour Tablets - 5LB

Richardson After Dinner Butter Mints 5LB

Richardson Gourmet Chocolate Mints 5LB (coming soon)

Runts Fruit Candy 5LB

Muddy Bears Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears - 3LB

Fruit Blast Candy 5LB

Skulls Halloween Mix Hard Candy - 5LB

Shimmer Gumballs 1/2-inch - Hot Pink 2LB (sold out)

Shimmer Gumballs 1/2-inch - Lime Green 2LB (discontinued)

Shimmer Gumballs 1/2-inch - Light Blue 2LB (discontinued)

Shimmer Gumballs 1/2-inch - White 2LB (discontinued)

Shimmer Gumballs 1/2-inch - Yellow 2LB (discontinued)

Shimmer Gumballs 1/2-inch - Purple 2LB (sold out)

Blue and White Gumballs 1-Inch Large - 2LB (coming soon)

Coral Shimmer 1-Inch Gumballs Large - 2LB

Turquoise Shimmer 1-Inch Gumballs Large - 2LB

Navy Blue 1-Inch Gumballs Large 14oz.

Sixlets Black Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Brown - 2LB (discontinued)

Sixlets Gold Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Green Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Hot Pink Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Powder Blue Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Light Pink 5LB (Discontinued)

Sixlets Purple - 2LB

Sixlets Coral Shimmer Pearl Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Turquoise Shimmer Pearl Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Lavender - 2LB

Sixlets Lime Green Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Orange Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Shimmer Pearl Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Red Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Royal Blue Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Silver Candy - 2LB

Sixlets White Candy - 2LB (coming soon)

Sixlets Golden Yellow Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Pink Shimmer Pearl Candy - 2LB

Sixlets Blue Shimmer Pearl Candy - 2LB (coming soon)

Sixlets - Blue and White - 2LB

Christmas Grinch Sixlets Candy Mix - 2LB

Skulls Candy Assorted Colors 5LB

Soda Shaped Candy 5LB

Sour Blue Raz Gummy Cola Bottles - 6.6LB

Sour Gummy Brite Crawler Worms - 5LB

Smoochers Gummi Lips - 2.2LB (sold out)

Sour Laces - Blue Raspberry 2LB

Sour Laces Green Apple 2LB

Sour Laces - Strawberry 2LB

Sour Patch Kids 5LB

Sour Patch Watermelon Chewy Bulk 5LB

Spearmint Gummy Leaves 5LB

Spice Drops 5LB (Sold Out)

Neon Candy Stars 5LB

Strawberry Puffs Gummy Candy 5LB (discontinued)

Strawberry Patch Hard Candies 5LB

Sugar Bunnies Hard Candies 5LB

Swedish Fish Assorted 5LB

Swedish Fish Red 5LB

Teddy Bears Candy 5LB

Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles 5LB

Nik-L-Nip Wax Candy Sticks 5LB

Zebra Black & White Bones 5LB

Gustaf's Grape Licorice Laces 2LB (sold out)

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