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Licorice Candy and Gifts

Our Licorice Candy, Old Fashioned Licorice Candy and Nostalgic Licorice Candy will satisfy your cravings. Licorice dates back as far as 5000 years, but rest assured our Liquorice sweets here at Candy Crate are always fresh! We offer a wide varitey of Bulk & Boxed Licorce candy.

Licorice Lovers Gift Box

Broadway Strawberry Ribbon Rolls 24ct. (coming soon)

Red Vines Black Licorice Twists Tub 240ct. (discontinued)

Red Vines Original Red Licorice Twists Tub 240ct.

Red Vines Original Red Whips 2oz - 16ct

Twizzlers Strawberry Licorice Candy Twists 180ct.

Snaps Original Licorice Theatre Box 4.5oz (discontinued)

Red Vines Sugar Free Black Licorice Vines 5oz. (sold out)

Licorice Super Ropes 34 inch - 2ct.

Broadway Black Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB

Black Taffy 5LB

Crows Licorice Flavored Gumdrops (coming soon)

Dutch Sea Salt Licorice 1.65LB

Extreme Ice Sugar Free Black Licorice Chewing Gum 12ct. (coming soon)

Extreme Ice Sugar Free Black Licorice Chewing Gum 2ct (coming soon)

Finnska Soft Licorice 8.8LB

Good and Plenty Licorice Theatre Size

Good and Plenty Candy 24ct

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Salt Licorice Coins 5.2oz. Bag

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Soft Licorice DROPS 5.2oz Bag

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Licorice Cats 5.2oz Bag

Gustaf's SUGAR FREE Licorice Bears 7oz. Tub (discontinued)

Gustaf's Platinum Select Sweet Licorice 2.2lb

Gustaf's Platinum Select Touch Of Italy Licorice 2.2lb

Gustaf's Strawberry Licorice Laces 2LB

Gustaf's Black Licorice Laces 2LB

Jelly Beans Black 5LB

Jelly Belly Licorice Jelly Beans 12-3.5oz (sold out)

Jelly Belly Licorice Bears 3oz. (Sold Out)

Kookaburra Red Liquorice 10oz (discontinued)

Kookaburra Black Liquorice 10oz (discontinued)

Gustaf's Licorice Cats (Limburgse Katjes) 2.2LB

Licorice Scottie Dogs - BLACK 5LB

Licorice Scottie Dogs - RED 5LB

Liquorice Caramels from Holland 4.4LB

Licorice Pipes Black 60ct

Licorice Pipes Black - 2ct.

Old Fashioned Licorice Candy Sticks 80ct

Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB

Gustaf's Soft Licorice Drops From Holland 2.2LB

Soft ORGANIC Licorice Finnska 7oz. Box (sold out)

Smith Brothers Cough Drops 30ct Bag (discontinued)

Red Vines Strawberry Sugar Free Vines 5oz. (sold out)

Smith Brothers Cough Drop Boxes - 2ct. (discontinued)

Smith Brothers Cough Drop Boxes 20ct (sold out)

Broadway Strawberry Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB (coming soon)

Gustaf's Sugar Free Licorice Bears 2.2LB (coming soon)

Sugar Free Gustaf's Licorice Coins 2.2LB (discontinued)

Sugar Free Gustaf's Licorice Drops 2.2LB (discontinued)

Sugar Free Licorice Scottie Dogs - RED 1LB

Sugar Free Licorice Scottie Dogs - BLACK 1LB (discontinued)