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Vidal Candy

We offer a large selection of Vidal Candies including their unique Bulk Gummies and fun Lottalollies Lollipops.

Baseballs Bubble Gum 60ct.

Soccer Balls Bubble Gum 60ct.

Gummi Chicken Feet Bulk - 1LB

Gummi Chicken Feet - 4.4LB

Gummi Crocodiles Bulk - 1LB

Gummi Crocodiles - 4.4LB

Gummi Frogs - 1LB

Green Gummi Frogs 4.4LB

Gummi Teeth Bulk - 1LB (coming soon)

Gummi Teeth - 4.4LB (coming soon)

Gummi Assorted Triple Hearts Bulk - 1LB

Gummi Assorted Triple Hearts - 4.4LB

Sour Green Apple Gummies - 4.4LB

Gummi Sharks ASSORTED Bulk - 1LB

Gummi Sharks ASSORTED 4.4LB

Gummi Watermelon Slices 3.5oz.

Gummi Watermelon Slices - 4.4LB

Gummi Sour Triple Bears 3.5oz. (coming soon)

Gummi Triple Sour Bears - 4.4LB

Strawberry and Cream Drops 3.5oz. (coming soon)

Pufflettes Gummi Strawberry and Cream Drops - 4.4LB

Pufflettes Lemon Gummi Drops - 2.2LB

Pufflettes Blue Raspberry Gummi Drops - 2.2LB

Pufflettes Green Apple Gummi Drops - 2.2LB

Pufflettes Grape Gummi Drops - 2.2LB

Gummi Strawberries with Cream 3.5oz. (sold out)

Gummi Strawberries with Cream - 4.4LB

Gummi Turtles 3.5oz. (sold out)

Gummy Turtles - 2.2LB

Gummi Tropical Frogs 3.5oz. (sold out)

Gummi Tropical Frogs - 2.2LB

Gummi Bananas 3.5oz. (sold out)

Gummi Bananas - 4.4LB

Gummi Swirly Fish 3.5oz.

Gummi Swirly Fish - 4.4LB (coming soon)

Smoochers Gummi Lips - 2.2LB (coming soon)

Scary Gummi Monster Collection 18ct. (sold out)

Scary Gummi Monster Collection - 2ct. (sold out)

Gummi Hairy Spiders - 4.4LB

Gummi Red Green and White Snowmen - 1lb

Gummi Red Green and White Snowmen - 4.4LB

Gummi Red and Green Christmas Trees - 1lb

Gummi Red and Green Christmas Trees - 4.4LB

Gummi Gingerbread Men - 1lb (sold out)

Gummi Gingerbread Men - 4.4LB (sold out)

Gummy Brains - 1lb (coming soon)

Gummy Brains - 2.2LB

Gummy Missing Body Parts Bulk Candy - 4.4LB (coming soon)

Halloween Witch Hats Bulk Gummy Candy - 4.4LB Bag

Wicked Witch Stockings Gummy Candy - 4.4LB (sold out)

Gummi Eyeballs Bulk Candy - 4.4LB (coming soon)

Gummi Eyeballs Bulk Candy - 1LB (coming soon)