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Wonka Candy

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is more than just a classic movie - it was the beginning of a great confectionery line of some of the best chocolate candies in the world. In the original book, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" the candy manufacturer Willy Wonka stages a contest by hiding five golden tickets in five of his scrumptious chocolate candy bars.

Pixy Stix Peg Bag - 3.2oz.

Pixy Stix Bulk Blue Candy - 8oz.

Pixy Stix Bulk Red Candy - 8oz.

Pixy Stix Bulk Purple Candy - 8oz.

Pixy Stix Bulk Orange Candy - 8oz.

Bottlecaps - 2ct.

Bottle Caps Candy 24ct

Spree Candy Rolls - 2ct.

Spree Candy Rolls 36ct

Chewy Spree Candy - 2ct.

Chewy Spree Candy 24ct.

Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers Candy - 2ct.

Gobstoppers Candy 24ct

Pixy Stix - 1LB

Pixy Stix - 3LB

Laffy Taffy Bars - 2ct.

Wonka Laffy Taffy Candy - Cherry 24ct.

Laffy Taffy - Grape 24ct.

Wonka Laffy Taffy Candy - Strawberry 24ct

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Assorted

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Cherry

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Blue Raspberry

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Sour Apple

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Watermelon (discontinued)

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Strawberry

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Grape

Laffy Taffy 145ct. Tub - Banana

Fun Dip (Lik m aid) 48ct

Wonka Fun Dip Lik-M-Aid Razz Apple - 4ct.

Wonka Fun Dip Lik-M-Aid Cherry Yum Diddly - 4ct.

Nerds Rope Original - 2ct.

Nerds Rope Candy Original 24ct

Nerds - Strawberry Grape - 2ct.

Nerds - Strawberry Grape 36ct.

Nerds - Wild Cherry & Watermelon - 2ct.

Nerds - Wild Cherry & Watermelon - 36ct.

Shockers Sweetart Chewy Sour Candy - 2ct.

Shockers Sweetart Chewy Sour Candy 24ct

Sweetarts Candy Rolls - 2ct.

Sweetarts Candy 36ct

Wonka SweeTARTS Giant Chewy SweeTARTS 2ct

Wonka SweeTARTS Giant Chewy SweeTARTS 36ct.

Pixy Stix Giant Straws - 85ct.

Bottle Caps Theatre Size 5oz.

Bottle Caps Theatre Size Boxes 12ct.

Runts Candy Theatre Box 5oz

Runts Candy Theatre Size Boxes 12ct.

Gobstopper Candy Theatre Box 5oz

Gobstopper Candy Theater Size Boxes 12ct.

Nerds Rainbow of Flavors Theater Box 5oz

Nerds Rainbow of Flavors Theater Size Boxes 12ct.

Spree Candy Theatre Size 5oz

Spree Candy Theatre Size Boxes 12ct.

Sweetarts Candy Theatre Box 6oz

Sweetarts Candy Theatre Size Boxes 12ct.

Runts Fruit Candy 5LB

Chewy Spree Candy 5LB

Wonka MixUps Candy 18.7oz (sold out)

Sweetarts Candy Canes 12ct.

Pixy Stix Filled Candy Canes - 5oz. (sold out)

Gobstopper Candy Canes 12ct. (discontinued)

Gobstopper Snowballs Holiday Theater Box 5oz. (sold out)

Frosty Nerds Holiday Theater Box 6oz (sold out)

Sweetarts Conversation Hearts 27ct. (sold out)

Gobstopper Heartbreakers Heart Candies 12oz. (sold out)

Sweetarts Heart Shaped Lollipops 20ct (sold out)

Wonka Assorted Candy Easter Egg Fillers 18oz. (sold out)

Hoppin Nerds Theater Size Box 6oz. (discontinued)

Nerds Easter Bumpy Jelly Beans 13oz. (Sold Out)

Sweetart Easter Jelly Beans 14oz. (Sold Out)

Wonka Egg Hunt with Golden Egg (sold out)

Wonka's Scrambled Egg Large Candy Filled Easter Egg (sold out)

Sweetarts Mini Chewy Holiday Theater Box 3.75oz. (discontinued)

Wonka Giant Nerds Candy Box 12oz. (discontinued)