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5th Avenue Candy Bars

The 5th Avenue candy bar is a crunchy peanut butter bar coated with rich milk chocolate made by Hershey's. It was introduced in 1936 by William H. Luden (1859-1949) who launched his fledgling candy business in 1879. Unlike many confectioners during that time, Luden manufactured his own chocolate for his chocolate novelties and chocolate-coated candies. In 1936, he introduced the 5TH AVENUE candy bar, a milk chocolate bar with a crunchy peanut butter center. World War II forced Ludenís to concentrate production efforts on 5TH AVENUE candy bars for military use. Immediately following the war, Luden's reverted to producing a full line of confectionery products including the famous Luden's menthol throat drops and 5TH AVENUE candy bar.