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Astro Pops Candy

Astro Pops Candy Lollipop is a rocket shaped lollipop that is said to be one of the most popular and longest lasting candy suckers of all time. These Astropop lollipops were made by taking a flat piece of film and shaping it into a cone wrapper which was then dropped it into a cone-shaped candy mold. The hot candy was then poured into the wrapper. The Astro Pop lollipop has had a huge following for over 40 years with millions being sold all over the world. Astropops has gone through many changes over the years, including inverting the lollipop, removing the wax bottom, as well as adding new flavors. The Astro Pop lollipop was being made by the Spangler company, but was discontinued in September of 2004. Thankfully, they have been reintroduced as of 2012 by Leaf!