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Boxed Kosher Candy

Our Kosher Candy Bars, Old Fashioned Kosher Candies & Nostalgic Kosher Candy will give you a great assortment of Kosher Candy to choose from. For more information including the rabinical supervision for each Kosher item, please click on the product. We do our best to update any changes made from the manufacturer regarding Kosher status, however, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly for any Kosher concerns.

100 Grand Candy Bars 36CT

Abba Zaba Snack Size 80ct. (Discontinued)

Baby Ruth Candy Bars 24CT (sold out)

Big Hunk Snack Size 80ct. (Discontinued)

Big Hunk - 2CT

Big Hunk 24CT

Bit O Honey Bars 24CT

Charleston Chew - Strawberry 24ct

Charleston Chew - Strawberry Bar - 2ct.

Chuckles Jelly Candy 24ct

Chuckles Jelly Candy - 2ct.

Chunky Bar - 2ct.

Chunky Bars 24ct

Cup-O-Gold - 2ct.

Cup-O-Gold 24ct. Box

Big Cherry Candy Bar - 2CT

Big Cherry Candy Bars 24CT

Sixlets Candy Tubes - 48CT

Sixlets Theater Size

Sixlets Theater Size Boxes - 10CT

Junior Mints 24ct

Junior Mints Theater Size

Junior Mints Theater Size 12ct.

Butterfinger Bars - 2ct. (sold out)

Butterfinger Bars 36ct. (sold out)

Nestle Butterfinger Mini Bars Theater Size Box

LOOK Candy Bars - 2CT

Look Candy Bars 24CT

Nestle Milk Chocolate Bars 24ct. (DISCONTINUED)

Oh Henry Candy Bar - 2CT

Oh Henry Candy Bars 36CT

Raisinets 36ct.

Raisinets Theater Size Box 3.5oz.

Raisinets Theater Size Boxes 15ct.

Laffy Taffy Candy Bars - 2ct.

Laffy Taffy Candy - Cherry 24ct. (sold out)

Laffy Taffy Candy - Strawberry 24ct (sold out)

Goobers 24ct (DISCONTINUED)

Goobers Theater Size Box 3.5oz

Goobers Theater Size Boxes 15ct.

Nestle Buncha Crunch Theater Size Box

Nestle Buncha Crunch Theater Size Boxes 12ct.

Good and Plenty Candy 24ct

Good and Plenty Licorice Theatre Size

Jujubes Theatre Size 6.5oz

Jujubes Theater Size Boxes 12ct.

Jujubes Candy 24ct (DISCONTINUED)

Jujyfruits Theatre Size 6oz

Jujyfruits Candy 24ct (discontinued)

Jujyfruits Theater Size Boxes 12ct.

King Leo Soft Peppermint Stick Candy 19oz Gift Tin

King Leo Soft Peppermint Puffs 8oz (DISCONTINUED)

King Leo Soft Pure Peppermint Sticks 8oz

King Leo Soft Cinnamon Sticks 12oz (DISCONTINUED)

M&M's Plain Candy 48ct (SOLD OUT)

M&M's Plain Candy - 2ct. (SOLD OUT)

M&M's Peanut 48ct (SOLD OUT)

M&M's Peanut Candy - 2ct. (SOLD OUT)

Old Fashioned Candy Sticks

Pay Day Candy Bars 24ct (sold out)

Pay Day Candy Bars - 2ct. (sold out)

Sno-Caps Nonpareils Theatre Box 3.1oz

Sno Caps Nonpareils Theatre Size Boxes 15ct.

Red Vines Black Licorice Whips 24ct (DISCONTINUED)

Red Vines Original Red Whips 2oz - 16ct

Red Vines Original Red Licorice Twists Tub 240ct. (discontinued)

Red Vines Black Licorice Twists Tub 240ct. (discontinued)

Red Vines Sugar Free Black Licorice Vines 5oz. (sold out)

Licorice Super Ropes 34 inch - 2ct.

Rolo Candy 36CT

Snickers Candy Bars 48ct (sold out)

Sunkist Fruit Gems 24ct (sold out)

Good News Candy Bar - 2ct. (sold out)

Good News Bars 36ct. (sold out)

U-NO Candy Bars - 2ct.

U-no Bars 24ct

Whoppers 24ct (sold out)

Zagnut 18ct.

Zagnut Candy Bars - 2ct.

Black Cookie Icing 10oz.(sold out)

Green Cookie Icing 10oz. (sold out)

Rock Candy Crystals 24ct.

Rock Candy Crystals 2ct

Hammond's Peppermint Filled Straws 6oz

Hammond's Mini Ribbons Christmas Candy Bag 5oz.

Hammond's Old Fashioned Christmas Art Candy 6oz

Hammond's Handmade Peppermint Twist Lollipop 10oz. (discontinued)

Hammond's Holiday Peppermint Ribbon Candy 3oz.

Hammond's Old-Fashioned Peppermint Sticks 3.75oz.(discontinued)

Christmas Ribbon Candy Strips

Hammond's All Natural Peppermint Cocoa Stirrers 3.75oz.

Original Chicken Bones 28oz. Tub

Hammond's Christmas Candy Round (discontinued)

Hollow White Chocolate Easter Bunny - 3.5oz. (sold out)

Peter Carrot Patch Chocolate Carrot 18ct. (Discontinued)

Peter Carrot Patch Large Chocolate Carrot 4.4oz.(Discontinued)

Parsnip Pete's Carrot Bunny Treats 1lb

Sweet Nature Candy Canes - Peppermint 12ct. (sold out)