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Bonomos Turkish Taffy - Assorted Variety Pack 24ct

Bonomos Turkish Taffy - Assorted Variety Pack 24ct
Bonomos Turkish Taffy - Assorted Variety Pack 24ct
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Love all of the flavors of Bonomos Turkish Taffy? Now you don't have to choose! This variety pack includes full sized bars of Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, the chewy, taffy-like candy bar in Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry. These scrumptious, chewy, sweet treats are incomparable and perfect for saving or sharing.

Please note, like all taffy items these bars are subject to texture changes due to climate. When stored at room temperature they will return to their natural, delicious state!

24 Bars total. Net wt. 36oz.
Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry Bars.

6 bars of each flavor.

24 Bars total.

Net wt. 36oz.
Sweet Facts
According to Tico Bonomo, son of Victor, Turkish Taffy "was not really a taffy, but what is technically known as a short nougat,". It was also not Turkish, but created after World War II in the Bonomo factory. In the late 1940s the company released a version in candy-bar size which the purchaser would whack against a hard surface to break it into more bite-sized pieces. Since the pieces were both chewy and slow-melting in the mouth, it was a favorite for the frugal customer. A bar still cost 5 in the 1960s.

In 1949, Turkish Taffy became one of the first forms of candy advertised and marketed on television, when Bonomo created and sponsored The Magic Clown on NBC Television. Tico Bonomo specifically cited the decision to use television as instrumental in the popularity of the candy-bar sized taffys.

In 1980 the candy became part of the Tootsie Roll Industries of Chicago line of candies, and was discontinued in 1989 until NOW!
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