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Candy Cigarettes

Candy cigarettes have been around since the 19th century and enjoyed ever since. Sometimes called candy sticks, these candy cigarettes are the same fun treats you remember from your childhood, often being sold from ice cream trucks that drove through local neighborhoods. These sweets are made from chalky sugar, while we also sell bubblegum cigarettes (that blow fake smoke) and chocolate candy cigarettes, where you can order a large 24 count display box, or purchase them as single packs. Every counter display box has 24 packs (different brands), and each carton contains 10 candy sticks made by World Candies. Please note: Because the original process is being used to manufacture this candy, this item is sold with no guarantees. Although most are okay, if you are purchasing candy cigarettes for use as decoration & not for consumption, the manufacturer is not responsible for shape, size and/or broken pieces.