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Chocolate Candy Bars by the Piece

Welcome to your one stop shop for single serve chocolate! Sold by the piece, two count, or other single serve selections this chocolate is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. From retro chocolate like Charleston Chew to customer favorites like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, we've got it all!

5th Avenue Candy Bar - 2ct.

100 Grand Candy Bar - 2CT

Big Cherry Candy Bar - 2CT

Nestle Butterfinger Mini Bars Theater Size Box (Coming Soon)

Cadbury Caramello Candy Bars - 2ct. (Coming Soon)

Charleston Chew - Strawberry Bar - 2ct.

Charleston Chew - Chocolate Bar - 2ct.

Charleston Chew - Vanilla Bar - 2ct.

Cherry Mash Candy Bars - 2ct. (Coming Soon)

Chocolate Cigarettes - 4ct.

ChocoRocks Gold Nuggets - 3oz. Tube (sold out)

ChocoRocks Chocolate Rocks - 3oz. Tube

ChocoRocks Black Coal - 3oz. Tube

ChocoRocks River Stones Chocolate Rocks - 3oz. Tube (Sold Out)

SunBursts Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds - 3oz. Tube

Chunky Bar - 2ct.

Clark Bar - 2ct. (sold out)

Nestle Buncha Crunch Theater Size Box

Nestle Crunch Milk Chocolate Bars 2CT

Coffee Crisp Bars - 2CT

Cup-O-Gold - 2ct.

Goobers Theater Size Box 3.5oz

Harry Potter Chocolate Crispy Frog 2 Pack

Hershey's Nostalgic Milk Chocolate King Size Bars with Almonds - 2CT (sold out)

Hershey's Nostalgic Milk Chocolate King Size Bars - 2CT (coming soon)

Hershey's Cookies 'N' Cream Bars - 2CT (Coming Soon)

Idaho Spud Candy Bar - 2ct. (Coming Soon)

Junior Mints Theater Size

Kit Kat Crispy Wafers - 2ct.

Kit Kat White Chocolate Bars - 2CT (Coming Soon)

LOOK Candy Bars - 2CT

Mallo Cups - 2CT

Milk Duds Theater Box 5oz. (Coming Soon)

Oh Henry Candy Bar - 2CT

Old Faithful Peanut Cluster Chocolate Bar - 2CT

Pearson's Bun Bar 2CT

Nut Goodie Bar - 2CT

Raisinets Theater Size Box 3.5oz.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - 2CT (coming soon)

Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups - 2CT (Coming Soon)

Rocky Road 2CT

Rocky Road Dark Chocolate Bars - 2CT

Rolo Caramel Candy Rolls - 2CT

Sky Bar 2ct (sold out)

Take 5 Candy Bars - 2CT (Coming Soon)

Twin Bing Bar 2CT

U-NO Candy Bars - 2ct.

Valomilk Candy Cups 2oz (Coming Soon)

Violet Crumble King Size Honeycomb Candy Bar (coming soon)

Violet Crumble King Size Honeycomb Candy Bars - 6CT (coming soon)

Whatchamacallit Candy Bars - 2CT

Whoppers Malted Milk Balls Theater Box - 5oz.

Zero Candy Bars - 2CT (coming soon)