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Chocolate Candy Bars

With a history as rich as the taste itself, chocolate candies have been a dominant part of candy culture for over 2,000 years. Many chocolate candy bars contain cocoa, which is extracted from a cocoa bean through a process of fermentation. While cocoa based products have been used for a millennium, it was not until the 19th century that the first chocolate candy bars were produced. John Cadbury perfected his recipe and almost 200 years later Cadbury remains one of the leading producers of chocolate candy. Milk chocolate candies come in many different ways. Many of our customers prefer chocolate candy bars with nuts and almonds, while other prefer the sweet taste of a milk chocolate bar. Regardless of personal preference, Candy Crate carries something for everyone, as our selection of nostalgic and old fashioned chocolate candies is one of the largest! Chocolate is derived from the Cacao plant which produces a bitter seed. It is this seed that is fermented, processed and sweetened into the milk chocolate candy bars we know today.