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Cinnamon Toothpicks and Mint Toothpicks

Flavored Toothpicks are a refreshing, delightful treat after any meal! Candy Crate offers cinnamon toothpicks that are intensely flavored with all natural ingredients and absolutely no sugar so these treats won’t add calories to your diet. Double dipped for extra hot cinnamon flavor! People often find these useful when they’ve forgotten a toothbrush or gum. They leave your mouth feeling extra fresh.

Our hot cinnamon toothpicks have helped 1000's of consumers curb their urge to snack and smoke as well. Check out our selection of Taste-T-Picks in a variety of packages. You can order as little or as many as you want. Perfect for parties and after-event occasions, these cinnamon flavored toothpicks will help your guests feel comfortable and bad breath-free! Select other flavors like mint or mix it up with our combination pack featuring cinnamon, natural mint and licorice-flavored toothpicks. Order now and enjoy low prices on cinnamon toothpicks.