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Easter Candy Facts

Fun Easter Facts:

Easter is the second most important candy-eating occasion of the year for Americans, who consume nearly 7 billion pounds of candy according to the National Confectioner's Association. That's a lot of candy!!!

Interesting Easter Candy Facts:

In 2000, Americans spent nearly $1.9 billion on Easter Candy.

Ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year.

Chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first, according to 76% of Americans. Five percent said bunnies should be eaten feet first, while 4% favored eating the tail first.

Each Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million Marshmallow Peeps, shaped like chicks,as well as Marshmallow bunniesand Marshmallow Eggs, making them the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.

Americans consume 16 billion Jelly beans at Easter, many of them hidden in baskets. Did you know....
If all the Easter jelly beans were lined end to end, they would circle the globe nearly three times?