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Father's Day Gifts

Buy Dad a fun Father's Day gift basket full of his favorite candies, snacks or salsas. Shop our Hot Sauce Gift Sets, Retro Candy Assortments and Gourmet Gift Basket;, we deliver thoughtful Candy Gift Baskets to Dad on his special day, no matter how near or far. Whatever your Dad's hobbies are, we have a Fathers Day Gift Basket that will reflect his style and taste. Send Dad one of our themed Father's Day Gift Baskets to let him know how much you appreciate and love him on his special day.

Old Fashioned Sweets Decade Gift Box - Choose Your Decade

"Ass Basket" Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce Gift Basket (sold out)

Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans - 3.5oz.

Jelly Belly Camouflage Jelly Beans - 3.5oz.

Easter Nostalgic Assortment Gift Box

Firetruck Candy Assortment Gift Box (sold out)

Camouflage Retro Candy Gift Basket

Camping Candy Assortment Gift Box (sold out)

Star Wars - A New Hope - Retro Candy Filled Lunch Box

Black & Gold Pin Stripe Retro Candy Gift Basket

Classic Retro Candy Gift Box

Bulk Nostalgic Candy filled Mason Jar

Classic Nostalgic Candy Assortment Gift Box

Naughty Candy Assortment Gift Box (Discontinued)

Tabasco Chrome Caddy with 7 Family Flavors (sold out)

Tabasco Wood Chips (discontinued

Giant Gummy Mustache (sold out)

Giant Gummy Cola Bottle- Vanilla (sold out)

Giant Gummy Cola Bottle - Cherry (sold out)

Gingham Retro Candy Basket (discontinued)

Tabasco Ultimate Flavor Large Gift Box (sold out)

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce with Outhouse (sold out)

Ass Kickin' Salsa Crate Gift Set (sold out)

Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce Crate (sold out)

Ass Kickin' Original Hot Sauce Bottle 5oz. (sold out)

Ass Kickin' Hot Sauces Mini Bottles 4ct. (sold out)

Sports Retro Candy Gift Basket

Penny Chewy Candy Glass Jar

Penny Hard Candy Glass Jar

Nostalgic Candy Assortment Bag

Hot Toddy Candy filled Mason Jar

Root Beer Barrel Float Candy filled Mason Jar

Mega Movie Nostalgic Candy Theatre Box Gift Tower

Giant Gummy Skull Pop - Blue Raspberry (sold out)

Giant Gummy Skull Pop - Cherry (Sold Out)

Giant Gummy Gator - Blue Raspberry (sold out)

World's Largest Giant Gummy Worm - Cherry

World's Largest Giant Gummy Worm - Sour Apple

Sugar Daddy GIANT Pop - Half Pounder

Sugar Babies Candy - GIANT 1lb Box (sold out)

Doctor Bag Classic Candy Gift Box

Old Fashioned Newsprint Retro Candy Gift Box

Coffee Bean Retro Candy Gift Box

Bucket of Bugs Candy Assortment - Large

Bucket of Bugs Candy Assortment - Junior