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Ford/Carousel Gum

Ford Gum began over 100 years ago in 1913. Thatís when a 20 year old roofing salesman, Mr. Ford Mason, was seeking a side business to help supplement his income during the slow winter months. He borrowed money that year to lease over 100 machines and placed them in stores in New York. A few winters later, Mason quit roofing all together and made gumballs his full time business.

Today, Ford Gum is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of gum balls and gum ball machine banks. Over 500,000 vending machines on store counters and pipe pedestals across American communities testify to the magnitude of this operation. From a network of distributors to a broad range of new popular products and state of the art equipment, the Ford Gum & Machine Company continues to deliver high-quality, innovative candy, gum and novelty products.