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Gerrit J. Verburg

Based in Fenton, MI, Gerrit J. Verburg Company has been in business since 1970. Specializing in gourmet imported licorice, we carry a good assortment of their delicious products. From Allsorts, to Wine Gums, to Salted Licorice, we’ve got the Gerrit J. Verburg candies to satisfy any craving!

Satellite Wafers 1.23oz Bag

Satellite Wafers Sour Candy - 1.23oz. Bag

Gumbilees Gourmet Wine Gums - 5.2oz.

Gerrit's Gummy Pink Cadillacs Candy - 5.2oz.

Gustaf's Sugared Licorice Bears - 5.2oz.

Double Salt Licorice Coins - 5.2oz.

Gustaf's Gourmet English Licorice Allsorts - 6.3oz. Bag

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Salt Licorice Coins 5.2oz. Bag

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Soft Licorice DROPS 5.2oz Bag

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Licorice Cats 5.2oz Bag

Gerrit's Broadway Laces - Black Licorice 4oz.

Gerrit's Broadway Laces - Strawberry 4oz.

Gerrit's Rainbow Broadway Laces - 4oz.

Gustaf's Licorice Ice Peppermint Bites - 4oz.

Broadway Strawberry Ribbon Rolls - 2ct.

Broadway Strawberry Ribbon Rolls 24ct.

Satellite Wafers 240ct

Chocolate Cigarettes - 4ct.

Chocolate Cigarettes 24ct

Extreme Ice Sugar Free Black Licorice Chewing Gum 2ct (discontinued)

Extreme Ice Sugar Free Black Licorice Chewing Gum 12ct. (discontinued)

Gustaf's Platinum Select Touch Of Italy Licorice 2.2lb

Gustaf's Platinum Select Sweet Licorice 2.2lb

Finnska Soft Licorice 8.8LB

Dutch Sea Salt Licorice 1.65LB

Gustaf's Licorice Cats (Limburgse Katjes) 2.2LB

Liquorice Caramels from Holland 4.4LB

Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB

Gustaf's Soft Licorice Drops From Holland 2.2LB

Gustaf's Sugar Free Licorice Bears 2.2LB

Licorice Allsorts Bulk 6.6LB

Licorice Allsorts 14oz.

Broadway Black Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB

Broadway Strawberry Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB

Licorice Ice 6.6LB

Gustaf's Black Licorice Laces 2LB

Gustaf's Strawberry Licorice Laces 2LB

Sour Laces - Blue Raspberry 2LB

Sour Laces - Strawberry 2LB

Sour Laces Green Apple 2LB

Gustaf's Wine Gums 2.2LB

Broadway Red Licorice Wheels - 5oz Bag

Broadway Black Licorice Wheels - 5oz Bag