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Classic All Metal Kazoo (sold out)

Classic All Metal Kazoo (sold out)
Classic All Metal Kazoo (sold out)
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Hand Crafted all metal Classic Kazoo. Probably the easiest instrument in the world to play. If you can hum it, you can play it.

Ages 3 & up.

Colors will vary.

How to play the kazoo:

The whole idea behind the instrument is, that a kazoo player by singing or speaking through the instrument induces an air current which makes the membrane vibrate and thus creates a summing, "nasal" sound.

By wholly or partially covering up the membrane hole a great diversity of sounds are created.

The membrane is the key point of the kazoo. Therefore it is of no use to simply blow through a kazoo, which is a common mistake among first time kazoo-users.


A guy by the name of Alabama Vest got the idea for the kazoo in the 1840's in Macon, Georgia. He teamed up with the German clock manufacturer Thaddeus Von Glegg to construct the first kazoo.

Emil Sorg, who was a travelling salesman, came across a Vest and von Glegg's kazoo on one of his business trips. He showed great interest in the kazoo and was eager to get the kazoo into mass-production.

With this thought in mind Emil Sorg travelled to New York. Here he became partners with Michael McIntyre, who was an iron smith. Together Sorg and McIntyre created the first production of the kazoo in the year 1912.

McIntyre had now gained enough knowledge to maintain the production of kazoos all by himself. All he needed was a larger factory. In 1913 he separated from Emil Sorg and teamed up with Harry Richardson who owned a big metal factory.

McIntyre and Richardson launched the first mass-production of the kazoo in 1914.

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