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Licorice Candy

If you are looking for traditional liquorice candy or more modern licorice, look no further. Candy made from licorice root dates from 17th century Holland. Today it is manufactured throughout Europe, America, and Australia. Did you know that the infamous licorice plant is actually a weed? Licorice Root is one of the most popular herbs in the world and has been used medicinally for thousands of years. You can buy licorice candies in all sorts of varieties. Available in hard, chewy, soft, sweet and salty types. Most people love it for its unmistakable and robust flavor. Enjoy our many types and different brands of licorice candy from all over the world - guaranteed to please all.

Licorice Lovers Gift Box

Salt Water Taffy LICORICE SWIRL 5lb

Salt Water Taffy LICORICE SWIRL 1lb

Salt Water Taffy RED LICORICE SWIRL 5lb

Salt Water Taffy RED LICORICE SWIRL 1lb

Scottie Dogs Black Licorice 11.5oz (coming soon)

Licorice Scottie Dogs Black 2.75oz

Anise Squares - 1LB

Anise Squares 5LB

Broadway Black Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB (coming soon)

Broadway Strawberry Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB (coming soon)

Broadway Red Licorice Wheels - 5oz Bag (coming soon)

Broadway Black Licorice Wheels - 5oz Bag (coming soon)

Black Taffy Candy - 1LB

Black Taffy 5LB

Crows Licorice Flavored Gumdrops

Crows Licorice Flavored Gumdrops Theater Boxes 12ct.

Dutch Sea Salt Licorice 1.65LB

Finnska Soft Licorice 8.8LB

Licorice Hollows - 1LB Bulk Bag

Licorice Hollows - 5LB Bulk Bag

Good & Plenty Licorice Candy - 1LB

Good & Plenty Licorice Candy - 5LB

Good and Plenty Candy 24ct (coming soon)

Good and Plenty Licorice Theatre Size

Good & Plenty Licorice Theatre Size Candy - 12CT

Gustaf's Gourmet English Licorice Allsorts - 6.3oz. Bag (coming soon)

Double Salt Licorice Coins - 5.2oz.

Gustaf's Licorice Ice Peppermint Bites - 4oz.

Gustaf's Sugared Licorice Bears - 5.2oz. (coming soon)

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Salt Licorice Coins 5.2oz. Bag (coming soon)

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Soft Licorice DROPS 5.2oz Bag (coming soon)

Gustaf's Traditional Dutch Licorice Cats 5.2oz Bag (coming soon)

Gerrit's Broadway Laces - Strawberry 4oz.

Gerrit's Broadway Laces - Black Licorice 4oz.

Gerrit's Rainbow Broadway Laces - 4oz.

Jelly Belly Licorice Jelly Beans - 3.5oz. Bag

Jelly Beans Black - 1LB

Jelly Belly Licorice Bridge Mix - 3oz. Bag

Gustaf's Platinum Select Sweet Licorice 2.2lb

Gustaf's Black Licorice Laces 2LB

Gustaf's Strawberry Licorice Laces 2LB

Jelly Beans Black 5LB

Gustaf's Licorice Cats (Limburgse Katjes) 2.2LB

Liquorice Caramels from Holland 4.4LB (coming soon)

Licorice Pipes Black 60ct

Licorice Pipes Black - 2ct.

Red Licorice Candy Pipes - 60CT

Red Licorice Candy Pipes - 2CT

Gilliam Old Fashioned Candy Sticks 80CT Box - Licorice

Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB (coming soon)

Gustaf's Soft Licorice Drops From Holland 2.2LB

Licorice Scottie Dogs - BLACK 5LB (coming soon)

Licorice Scottie Dogs - RED 5LB (coming soon)

Jelly Belly Individual Flavors 10 LB

Puntini Chipurnoi Chips Licorice Jujubes 1lb

Red Licorice Swirl Salt Water Taffy 3LB (sold out)

White and Black Licorice Salt Water Taffy 3LB (sold out)

Licorice Balls Hard Candy -1LB

Licorice Balls Hard Candy 5LB

Claey's Old Fashioned Candy Drops - Licorice 12ct.

Claey's Old Fashioned Candy Drops - Licorice

Licorice Allsorts Bulk 6.6LB (coming soon)

Licorice Allsorts 14oz. (coming soon)

Licorice Ice 6.6LB

Black Magic Balls Licorice Jawbreakers 5LB

Twizzlers Strawberry Licorice Candy Twists 180ct (coming soon)

Licorice Pastilles - 1LB

Licorice Pastilles - 5LB

Licorice Super Ropes 34 inch - 2ct.

Super Ropes Licorice Ropes - 15ct

Just Born Licorice Jelly Beans - 10oz Bag (sold out)