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Old Fashioned Penny Candy

Welcome to Candy Crate's Old Fashioned Penny Candy Warehouse! Shop here for all of your favorite old fashioned candy and hard to find bulk penny candy. Although today it is usually sold for more than a penny, the name Penny Candy still refers to candy sold by the piece or as bulk penny candy. Our Retro Penny Candy selection is one of the best on the web and ships direct from our giant candy warehouse to your house. The first wrapped penny candy in America was the Tootsie Roll and has been included in many military rations since WWII.

Abba Zaba Miniatures 5LB

All American Stars & Stripes Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Bulk Retro Candy Assortment -200pcs!

Penny Chewy Candy Glass Jar

Penny Hard Candy Glass Jar

Anise Squares 5LB

Atomic Fireballs Ferrara Pan 5LB

Assorted Hard Sour Balls Wrapped 5LB

Banana Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Baseball Chocolate Balls 5LB

Bazooka Bubble Gum 5LB (DISCONTINUED)

Bit O Honey Bulk Candy 5LB

Black Taffy 5LB

Brach's Jelly Bean Nougats 8.34LB

Brach's Milk Maid Royals 6.5LB

Brach's Strawberry Bon Bons 5.5LB

Honey-Combed Filled Peanuts 5LB

Bulls-Eyes Caramel Creams 5LB

Butterfingers - Mini Bars 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Butter Toffee Hard Candy 5LB (discontinued)

Butterscotch Discs 5LB

Candy Necklaces Bulk 100ct

Candy Canes Mini 500ct

Candy Cane Salt Water Taffy 3LB (coming soon)

Chick O Stick Nuggets 5LB

Chocolate Gold Coins Half Dollars 1lb

Chocolate Conversation Hearts 5LB

Chocolate Double Crisp Hearts 5LB (sold out)

Chocolate Lips 5LB (sold out)

Chupa Chups Assorted Lollipops 5LB (sold out)

Coffee Rio Assorted Gourmet Candies 3LB

Goetze Cow Tales Miniature Vanilla Flavored Chewy Caramel 5LB

Cry Baby Bubble Gum 5LB

Dubble Bubble Gum 5LB

Double Lollies Lollipops- Wrapped 5LB

Dum Dum Pops 300ct

Fruit Gummy Slices 5LB (DISCONTINUED)

Hot Buttered Rum Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Huckleberry Purple Taffy 3LB

Ice Blue Mint Coolers 6.5LB (discontinued)

Jawbuster Jawbreakers 5LB

Jolly Rancher Pieces Assorted 5LB

King Leo Soft Peppermint Puffs Candy 5LB

Lemonheads Ferrara Pan 5LB

Licorice Balls Hard Candy 5LB

Liquorice Toffee 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Lollipops Bulk Assorted Flavors 5LB

Mary Janes Candy 5LB

Milkfuls Candy 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Neapolitan Taffy 3LB

Necco Banana Split Candy Chews 5LB

Necco Wafers Mini Roll 5LB

Necco Mint Julep Candy Chews 5LB

Neopolitan Coconut Sundaes 5LB (Discontinued)

Now & Later Classic Candy 5LB

Peanut Butter Bars 5LB

Peppermint Starlights 5LB

Puntini Italian Jujubes 1lb

Puntini Menta Fresca Jujubes 1lb

Puntini Frutti Tropicali Italian Jujubes 1lb

Puntini Chipurnoi Chips Eucalyptus Menthol Jujubes 1lb

Puntini Chipurnoi Chips Licorice Jujubes 1lb

Red Hot Cinnamon Discs 5LB

Assorted Salt Water Taffy 3LB

White and Black Licorice Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Caramel Flavored Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Cinnamon Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Grape Salt Water Taffy 3LB (discontinued)

Light Blue Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Orange & Cream Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Pink Bubble Gum Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Pink Strawberry Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Pumpkin Halloween Salt Water Taffy 3LB (sold out)

Red Licorice Swirl Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Red & White Peppermint Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Thank You Mint Salt Water Taffy 3LB (DISCONTINUED)

Unicorn Pops 5LB (discontinued)

Vanilla Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Yellow Buttered Popcorn Salt Water Taffy 3LB

Flag Salt Water Taffy 3LB (discontinued)

Slo Poke Classic Caramel Bite Size Pieces 5LB

Slo Poke Suckers 5lb (discontinued)

Smarties Classic Candy Rolls 5LB

Smarties Parties Assorted Candy 2.5LB

Soccer Chocolate Balls 5LB (Discontinued)

Stars and Stripes Mints 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Squirrel Nut Zippers 5LB

Sunkist Fruit Gems All Natural 5lb

Tootsie Midgee Rolls 5LB

Tootsie Fruit Rolls 5LB

USA Flag Tootsie Rolls 5LB

Walnettos 5LB (coming soon)

Watermelon Taffy 3LB

Werther's Originals 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Chewy Sour Balls - Assorted Fruit Flavors 5LB

Assorted 8 Flavor Bulk Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Aquarium Candy Fish 5LB

Baby Pacifiers Candy 5LB

Baseball Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB (Discontinued)

Gumballs Baseball 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB (Discontinued)

Berry Blast Bulk Speckled Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Black Cherry Dubble Bubble Bulk 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB (discontinued)

Broadway Black Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Wild Blueberry 5LB

BONZ Dog Bone Candy 5LB

Boston Baked Beans 5LB

Brach's Assorted Jelly Beans 5LB (Discontinued)

Candy Blox Bulk 5LB

Candy Corn 5LB

Candy Jelly Rocks 1LB

Centipede Gummies 5LB (Discontinued)

ChocoRocks Chocolate Candy Rocks 5LB

Cherry Candy Hearts 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Cherry 5LB

Cherry Sour Gummies 5LB (discontinued)

Spree CHEWY Candy 5LB

Chocolate Stars 5LB (sold out)


Cinnamon Bears 5LB

Cinnamon Bear Sugar Free Cubbies 1LB (discontinued)

Cinnamon Red Hots Hearts 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Chocolate Stars - Brach's Solid Milk Chocolate Stars 12oz

CLASSIC Conversation Hearts 5LB

Cotton Candy Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Double Lollies - Unwrapped 5LB

Dubble Bubble Chiclets Bubble Gum 5LB

Dutch Sea Salt Licorice 1.65LB

Easter Bunny Kisses Salt Water Taffy 3lb (discontinued)

Easter Jelly Rabbits 5LB (Discontinued)

Finnska Soft Licorice 8.8LB

Flower Power Candies 5LB

Fruit Salad Gummies 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Purple Grape Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Green Apple Bulk Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Green Watermelon Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Gummi Gold Bears 5LB

Gustaf's Platinum Select Royal Rounds 2.2lbs. (DISCONTINUED)

Gustaf's Platinum Select Sweet Licorice 2.2lb

Gustaf's Platinum Select Touch Of Italy Licorice 2.2lb

Gustaf's Wine Gums 2.2LB

Gummi Raspberries & Blackberries 5LB

Gummy Red Raspberries 5LB (sold out)

Gumballs Assorted 1/2-Inch 5LB (sold out)

Bulk Gumballs Assorted 1-Inch Large 5LB (sold out)

Happy Cola Gummy Candy Bottles 5LB

Hot Chew Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB


Ice Cream Cone Candy 5LB

Jelly Beans Black 5LB

Jelly Beans Assorted 5LB

Jelly Belly Individual Flavors 10 LB

Jelly Belly Gumballs Large 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Jelly Belly 49 Assorted Flavors 10LB

Jelly Belly Tropical Mix 10LB

Jelly Belly Fruit Bowl Flavors 10LB

Jelly Beans Speckled 5LB (Discontinued)

Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles 5LB

Richardson After Dinner Jelly Filled Mints 5LB (DISCONTINUED)

Licorice Scottie Dogs - BLACK 5LB

Licorice Scottie Dogs - RED 5LB

Liquorice Caramels from Holland 4.4LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Light Green Margarita 5LB (DISCONTINUED)

Mellowcreme Autumn Mix 5lb (Discontinued)

Fiesta Mexican Hats Candy 5LB (discontinued)

Mike & Ike Original Fruits 4.5LB

Mini Gummy Frogs 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Neon Candy Stars 5LB

Peach Gummies 5LB

Pink Original Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Pink Chiclets Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum 5LB

Pink Lemonade Dubble Bubble 1-Inch Gumballs 5LB

Chewy Sour Balls - Watermelon 5LB

Red JuJu Coins 5LB

Runts Fruit Candy 5LB

Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB

Skulls Candy Assorted Colors 5LB

Gustaf's Soft Licorice Drops From Holland 2.2LB

Sour Patch Kids 5LB

Smiley Dubble Bubble Gumballs 1 inch 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Broadway Strawberry Licorice Wheels - 4.4LB

Sugar Free Gum Balls 5LB (sold out)

Gustaf's Sugar Free Licorice Bears 2.2LB

Sugar Free Gustaf's Licorice Coins 2.2LB (discontinued)

Sugar Free Gustaf's Licorice Drops 2.2LB (discontinued)

Sugar Free Licorice Scottie Dogs - RED 1LB (discontinued)

Sugar Free Licorice Scottie Dogs - BLACK 1LB (discontinued)

Sunkist Orange Slices 5lb. (DISCONTINUED)

Swedish Fish Assorted 5LB

Swedish Fish Red 5LB

Teddy Bears Candy 5LB

Twin Cherries Gummy 5LB

Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles 5LB

Nik-L-Nip Wax Candy Sticks 5LB

Winner Dubble Bubble Gumballs 1 inch 5lb (DISCONTINUED)

Big Hunk Miniatures 5LB