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Corporate Gifts

Recognize a star with our unique Corporate Candy Gifts for businesses of all sizes. Thank your clients, colleagues and co-workers with our Thank You Corporate Gift Baskets. Congratulate a colleague on a promotion with a Congratulations Gift Basket, send a Get Well Candy Basket to a co-worker who is out sick or send yourself a Corporate Candy Gift and include a message of what a terrific employee you are (nobody has to know!). If you're not sure what to get one of your work associates, check out our Retro Candy Gift Baskets or send them their favorite Retro Candy or Gumball machine for their desk. Our Corporate Candy Gifts will show how dedicated an employee you are.

Season's Greetings Retro Candy Gift Basket

Fall Assortment Nostalgic Candy Gift Bag

Winter Nostalgic Candy Gift Bag

Sweet Harvest Nostalgic Candy Bag

Mega Movie Nostalgic Candy Theatre Box Gift Tower

Super Mega Nostalgic Candy Gift Tower

Vintage Candy [1800's - 1900's] Gift Box

Grand Retro Candy Gift Box

Classic Retro Candy Gift Box

Classic Grand Retro Candy Gift Box

Nostalgic Candy Assortment Gift Box

Classic Nostalgic Candy Assortment Gift Box

Retro Chocolate Fantasy Gift Box

Bulk Nostalgic Candy filled Mason Jar

Wooden Recipe Box full of Retro Candy (discontinued)

Root Beer Barrel Float Candy filled Mason Jar (coming soon)

Pretty in Pink Keepsake Box (sold out)

Tabasco Ultimate Flavor Large Gift Box (sold out)

Hot Sauce "6 Pack" Gift Set (sold out)

Three Banditos Salsa Gift Set (sold out)

Movie Night Candy Basket

Deluxe Gumball Machine Basket (sold out)

Old Fashioned Sweets Decade Gift Box - Choose Your Decade

Classic Gumball Machine Basket (sold out)

Penny Chewy Candy Glass Jar (Sold Out)

Penny Hard Candy Glass Jar (Sold Out)

Retro Candy Grab Bag Favors (Coming Soon)

Petite Gumball Machine 13oz with 8oz. Gumballs (sold out)

King Gumball Machine with Stand (sold out)

Citrus Garden Spring Retro Candy Gift Basket

Doctor Bag Retro Candy Gift Basket

Nostalgic Candy Assortment Bag

Thank You Retro Candy Gift Basket

Congratulations Retro Candy Gift Basket (sold out)

My Little Pony Retro Candy Filled Lunch Box (discontinued)

Star Wars - A New Hope - Retro Candy Filled Lunch Box (Coming Soon)

Retro Mickey Mouse Nostalgic Candy Filled Lunch Box (Coming Soon)

Retro Candy filled Candy Jar