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R.M. Palmer

Beginning in 1948, Palmer's superb chocolate novelties are offered for your enjoyment during traditional holiday seasons. Easter was picked as the first "Palmer Holiday", and then Christmas and Valentine's Day were selected. And, most recently, imaginative items from Palmer help celebrate Halloween.

Big Chocolate Valentine Puppy Dog Pups - 2CT

Puddles "Melted" Chocolate Snowman 2.5oz - 2CT

White Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Coins - 1LB

White Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Coins - 3LB

Bumpkins Caramel Filled Chocolates - 1LB

Bumpkins Caramel Filled Chocolates - 3LB

Gravestone Greetings Filled Chocolates - 1LB

Gravestone Greetings Filled Chocolates - 3LB

Belgian Chocolate GIANT One Pound Bullion Bar (discontinued)

Mega Chocolate Gold Coin - 1lb

Gold Coins Milk Chocolate - 1.5oz Mesh Bag

Chocolate Coins GOLD Half Dollars 10oz

Chocolate Gold Coins Half Dollars - 3LB (coming soon)

Chocolate Coins Quarter/Half Dollar Mix - 1LB

Chocolate Gold Coins Quarter/Half Dollar Mix - 3LB

Chocolate Sports Balls Assortment 2.2LB (sold out)

Football Chocolates 1LB

Football Chocolates 5LB

Chocolate Basketballs 1lb (Coming Soon)

Chocolate Basketballs 5lb (Coming Soon)

Baseball Chocolate Balls 1LB

Baseball Chocolate Balls 5LB

Chocolate Soccer Balls 1lb

Chocolate Soccer Balls 5lb

Chocolate Hearts - Red and Silver - 16oz. (sold out)

Luscious Chocolate Lips 1lb

Chocolate Lips 5LB

Milk Chocolate Red Foil Hearts 1lb (coming soon)

Milk Chocolate Red Foil Hearts 5lb (Coming Soon)

Hollow White Chocolate Easter Bunny - 3.5oz. (sold out)

Peter Rabbit Hollow Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny 5oz. (Sold Out)

Crispy Chocolate Carrot Bunny Treats Mesh Bag

Chocolate Golden Eggs - 4oz. Mesh Bag

Chocolate Carrot Bunny Treats 1LB

Solid Chocolate Easter Eggs 1LB Bag

Chocolate Monster Heads - 1LB (sold out)

Creepy Peepers Chocolate Filled Eyeballs 20oz. (Coming Soon)

Googly Eyes Double Crisp Chocolate Eyeballs 1LB

Googly Eyes Double Crisp Chocolate Eyeballs 5LB

Jumbo Chocolate Santa Pops 3oz. - 2CT (sold out)

Double Crisp Santa Chocolate Bars Large - 2CT (sold out)

Double Crisp Snowman Chocolate Bars Large - 2CT (sold out)

Santa's Chocolate Coal Bag

Double Crisp Chocolate Coal - 1lb

Double Crisp Chocolate Coal - 3LB

Chocolate Candy Cane Cups - 1lb (sold out)

Chocolate Candy Cane Cups - 3lb (sold out)

Milk Chocolate Christmas Balls - 1LB

Milk Chocolate Christmas Balls - 3LB

Snowman Sno-Fun Chocolate Balls - 3LB (sold out)

Snowman Sno-Fun Chocolate Balls - 1LB (sold out)

Chocolate Coins SILVER 10oz

Chocolate Hearts Mesh Pouch 3.3oz

Chocolate Bunny Big Pop 3oz - 2CT