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The Shelf Life of Candy

The shelf life of candy will depend primarily on the integrity of the original packaging, temperature, and humidity. Candy of all types should be stored in their original packages below 80°F in a relatively dry (less than 50% humidity) environment. A dark cupboard or storage bin will help to extend the shelf life. As a rule, the softer the candy, the shorter its shelf life will be. The drier the storage atmosphere, the longer its shelf life. Hard candy (drops, lollipops, buttons, peppermints) can practically last indefinitely when stored properly – but should probably be disposed of after two years. Milk Chocolates and Caramels should not be stored more than one year. Dark Chocolate can be kept up to two years if stored in a cool, dry area. Mellow crèmes (candy corn) will last 8 – 10 months in ideal conditions. Chewing gum & gumballs can stay fresh up to 8 months. As with any food, if you suspect the candy is not in good condition, throw it out.