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Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB

Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB
Gustaf's Salt Licorice Coins 2.2LB
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Great for beginners who are looking for some change! It's number one in the salt line. Firm and mildy salted Dutch licorice. By Gustaf's, imported from Holland.

Net wt. 2.2 pounds.

**Special Note - Ammonium chloride has a spicy taste that vaguely resembles that of sodium chloride (table salt) with a hint of ammonia smell. Salty liquorice does not necessarily contain any sodium since salt refers to the salt of ammonia and not to table salt (sodium chloride). Although some types of regular liquorice may also contain a small amount of ammonium chloride, salty liquorice can contain up to about 8 percent of ammonium chloride. Moreover, the salty taste is typically less masked by a high sugar content compared to regular liquorice.
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