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Types of Sugar

White (or granulated) sugar, a sweet carbohydrate, also known as sucrose, is obtained primarily from sugar cane or sugar beets. Cane sugar and beet sugar are chemically identical. These highly refined sugars are the most popular sweeteners both in the home and in candy processing plants. Castor sugar is another name for superfine white sugar. This finely granulated sugar is preferred in bakeries for making meringues and syrups because of its superior dissolvability.  Brown sugar (or soft sugar) is simply white granulated sugar coated with molasses. Various grades are available from light brown to dark brown, with the latter having a more intense flavor. Brown sugars are typically used in baked beans, hams, bacon, and some types of candy. Other types of sugars include powdered sugar (white granulated sugar crushed very fine), raw sugar (the residue after sugar cane has been processed), and turbinado sugar (steam cleaned raw sugar).

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