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Zotz Candy

Zotz Candy look like an ordinary piece of hard candy, but take a plunge into the center of this classic candy and its sour powder will fall onto your tongue and tantalize your taste buds. Zotz Candies have that yummy, distinctive fizzy sour center & include apple, cherry, lemon, grape, watermelon and orange flavors . The original Zotz Fizz Power Candies were introduced in 1968 and within one year, they had quickly become the hottest selling kids candy in the business. What made Zotz Candy unique was the flavored fizz center which kids found irresistible. Zotz is a high quality hard candy manufactured by G.B. Ambrosoli. G.B. Ambrosoli has been wholly owned and operated by the Ambrosoli family, in Como Italy, since 1920. Three fruit flavors in each box: Cherry, Apple & Watermelon or Lemon, Grape & Orange.